Application-specific motor development

We would be happy to adapt our products to your requirements

Motor construction for spindle motors, electric motors, and more from Nakanishi Jaeger

What makes our motors so special?

Precise installation of the motors into your system

Precise installation

Our years of experience make us experts in high-precision grinding, milling, and turning. We would be happy to incorporate our products into your system with precision.

Efficient motors in extremely small installation spaces

Top power density

Due to the high power density of our motors, they can also be used in extremely small installation spaces.

Low rotor loss


The large axis bore of our motors ensures low rotor loss. The reduction in heat development resulting from this ensures a high level of efficiency.

Experience in motor construction


Expertise through experience. High-precision grinding, milling, and turning have been part of our day-to-day operations for many years.

Custom-made products

Custom-made products

Adapt our motors to your requirements. Improvement of the run-out accuracy using balancing disks is just one of many options.

Motor development and research

Research & development

In order to meet the requirements of tomorrow today, we are continuously working towards improving our products.

Nakanishi Jaeger Powertrain Technology

A small design and high performance characterize our motors.

Development, production, and assembly are carried out completely in house. The outputs of the motors are then determined and documented on the in-house motor test bench. 

To our motors

Our know-how for your project

We are also flexible regarding the forms of possible cooperation.

We would be happy to support you through the entire process chain – from project planning and development of the solution for your motor project, to prototype production, acceptance, and the takeover of series production for the motor developed for your company.

We would also be happy to provide purely development services, including prototypes and procurement of the punching tool, if required. Later series production would then be organized and carried out by you or a production company selected by you.

The third alternative is that we take over the contract manufacturing assignment. This means that we would also be happy to take over the production of a motor developed by you once we have checked our capacities and possibilities. On request, we will be happy to check the motor for improvement potential before the actual production start.

Nakanishi Jaeger motors, as flexible as your requirements - you have the choice

Solutions for the entire process chain

  • Project planning
  • Development
  • Prototypes
  • Acceptance
  • Series production at our company

Takeover of the development service

  • Project planning
  • Development
  • Prototypes
  • Acceptance
  • Support with the design of the punching tool
  • Series production by your company

Contract manufacturing

  • You have carried out development
  • We take over manufacturing

Our standard motor sections

Size (OD/ID Stator)*
Asynchronous (AC)
Synchronous (BLDC)      
Number of Poles (Pol Pairs) 1 1 1 - 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 - 4 2 - 4
Shaft-ø (mm) 10 15 21,2 20 25 25 36 46 35 25
High Speed
High Torque
Price / Power Density

(*)   OD = Outer diameter / ID = Inner diameter

Motors for HF spindles for high-speed machining

Machine spindles, equipped with our innovative motors, are used for high-speed machining in which high demands are placed on the cutting performance and surface quality.

Due to the high power density in an extremely small installation space, smaller or more efficient spindles can be installed.

Alternatively, it is possible to optimize systems to maximize energy savings

Do you know about our spindles?

The “Nakanish Jaeger high-frequency spindles” are technologically advanced products with a top level of precision, stability, and running smoothness. 

Motors for HF spindles for high-speed machining
Motors for pumps and automation

Motors for pumps and automation

You produce pumps for the automotive industry, medical technology, measuring and testing, or for aerospace technology and value high precision and durability.

Whether it’s vacuum pumps, fluid pumps, sliding vane rotary pumps, membrane pumps, reciprocating piston pumps, or Roots pumps, they all require a powerful motor for the drive. 

Stable continuous operation is essential today. Our motors are specially designed for continuous operation.

Our enclosed motors provide high performance in a small space.


Electric mobility is on the increase

“E-mobility” is now hot on the heels of “petrol” and “diesel”. The interest in sustainable mobility is focused on alternative drives. Due to technological progress and changing values, electromobility has become an important factor for a better environment and is therefore an important aspect of a cross-sector energy revolution.

“And how far will I get?” is one of the most frequently asked questions with regards to electric cars. Our powerful motors help you to optimize the range of your product.

The higher power density and efficiency of our motors could give electric cars a fresh boost in terms of performance and range. Due to a reduction in size while maintaining the same performance, optimum use of the available installation space is made possible.

Motors for turbo compressors and generators

Motors for turbo compressors and generators

Only high-quality and cutting-edge materials are used in order to produce technologically advanced turbo generators. Durability in continuous operation and a high degree of efficiency reduce operation costs and therefore save money. Our motors make it possible to reach top speeds with the greatest possible level of efficiency.

Individual motor development for your application

Our motors can also continue to be used in the following industries and areas of application:

  • Automotive industry: pumps, compressors, electric drives, generators
  • Medical technology: pumps, power tools, centrifuges, travel and lifting drives
  • Industrial automation &robotics: pipe inspection, logistics systems, machines & conveyor belts
  • Measuring & testing technology: deep drilling, performance tests, vacuum pumps, blowers
  • Aviation: baggage systems, air-conditioning compressors, pumps, drives
  • If your company has applications that are incompatible with our standard motors, please contact us for an individual development.

We exclusively use components of the utmost quality and precision to guarantee the smooth running of our motors.

Individual motor development for your application
Efficient power tools Three-phase motors for milling robots

Motors for channel robots

Three-phase motors are a popular choice for inspection robots. 
Several advantages compared to other motor types:

  • High performance: High performance for handling demanding tasks such as removing blockages and deposits.
  • Low-maintenance: Durable with a high number of operating hours. This means that the robot has to be serviced less frequently.
  • Efficient: High efficiency when converting supplied energy into mechanical power. This increases efficiency with lower operating costs.
  • Quiet: Applications in residential areas or public areas that cause little noise.
  • Simple control: Fast and precise response to changes in load or speed. Even in tight and difficult environments.

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