Milling gear wheels

A concrete application example for the use of our high-frequency spindles: Production of a gear wheel using high-speed cutting.

In this process, it is important to process the gear wheel precisely and efficiently. Our high-frequency spindles are perfect for this task and enable high precision in machining.

Grinding, engraving, milling, drilling, deburring or polishing with our motor spindles achieves a high-quality result. Our spindles are designed to work around the clock and perform the set tasks reliably.

Precision, flexibility, speed and reliability are synonyms that describe the outstanding properties of our high frequency spindles. You can select which of these properties best suits your needs depending on the requirements of your specific application.

Our HF spindles always meet your requirements. You can rely on their capabilities and benefit from the many years of experience and technology behind our products.

Let's work together to optimize your machining processes and turn your visions into reality. Our high-frequency spindles are ready to meet your challenges and deliver outstanding results.


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